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A Grandmaster’s Guide to Good Guilding #1: The Sales Pitch

This is the first of what likely will be many more posts on my musings while being the adult “Grandmaster” of a successful middle-school Pathfinder RPG club (now 18 students strong!) that the kids and I affectionately call “The Guild.” … Continue reading

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The Dawn of the Pawn

Receiving near-universal praise in the RPG community is the inclusion of 80 “pawns” in Pathfinder’s new Beginner Box. Their genesis in the public imagination was Paizo’s official announcement of May 5, 2011 that the Beginner Box would be released. In … Continue reading

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ENWorld’s “Steel Wind” reviews the Pathfinder Beginner Box

There’s a great, in-depth review of the Pathfinder Beginner Box over at ENWorld written by “Steel Wind.” Definitely worth taking a look at, if you’re interested in the Beginner Box! I actually remember “Steel Wind” answering some of my n00b … Continue reading

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A Beginner Box 2?

Coming out of the overwhelmingly positive response to Pathfinder’s Beginner Box has been the request among some fans for a “Beginner Box 2,” or basically a continuation of the relative simplicity of the Pathfinder rules in the Beginner Box into … Continue reading

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