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Minimum ability scores in Pathfinder? They’re still there… if you look hard enough

There are no actual minimum ability scores in Pathfinder/D&D 3.x. There is nothing akin to First Edition AD&D’s requirement that you have a Charisma of 17 to become a Paladin, or a Strength of 15, Wisdom of 15, Dexterity of … Continue reading

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A Grandmaster’s Guide to Good Guilding #1: The Sales Pitch

This is the first of what likely will be many more posts on my musings while being the adult “Grandmaster” of a successful middle-school Pathfinder RPG club (now 18 students strong!) that the kids and I affectionately call “The Guild.” … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Doing

Life is an ebb and flow… just like the frequency of my posts on this blog. At the moment, much of my creative energies are being directed toward the middle-school Pathfinder club I am running. I started a thread about … Continue reading

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