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Moral Inconsistency in Diablo 3

… and in many RPGs for that matter. I know what you’re all thinking. It’s just a game. And Diablo 3 is perhaps the least-morally-involved game within the computer RPG genre. The game and its adherents make no apologies: it … Continue reading

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Old School Review 2 – Gary Gygax Himself, on the Old-School Style of Gaming

I may have found the best answer to a question I raised on this blog earlier: “How characters under the early rules of D&D and AD&D were able to survive at lower levels?” In Gary Gygax’s original AD&D Players Handbook, … Continue reading

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That Sadist, Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax was a sadist. He just got paid more for than the rest of us. The main creator of D&D and the RPG penned the notorious Tomb of Horrors, which visited instant death upon even the most intelligent and … Continue reading

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